Šavle Meče

The band was found in the autumn of 1994, its main target was to play jazz and rock fusion. It means rock rhytmics and quinary jazz woodwind section – at the beginning it was clearly instrumental. Then the harmonica player and vocalist Ondrej Konrad was invited to cooperate, with his coming was repertoire extended by blues. Konrad was later changed with vocalist Martin Stresko, with whose coming started the band played funk, fusion and pop-jazz, jazz- rock and jazz in the instrumental part of its work. During its existence many of musicians passed through the band, it appeared on many concerts, festivals and gigs in Czech Republic and abroad.

Jiří Hála - leader, baritonsax, flute
Rostislav Fraš - altosax
Radek Zapadlo - tenorsax
Jan Šatra - trombone
Radek Němec - trumpet
Milan Potoček - keyboards
Jiří Milota - guitar
Filip Spálený - bass
Filip Jeníček - drums
Martin Streško - vocals

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Yiddish in three

This title unhides new concept of yiddish songs – more dynamic and more authentic because accordion and clarinet are instruments related to jewish songs. These are instruments of klezmers, fiddlers playing in pubs, courts and streets. It supplies song with unforgiven magic of music for rich and poor.In show, the magic of yiddish language rises in traditional songs, composed in late 19th century. Song tells us about human joy and tribulation – with irony, fun, but also nostalgic. Choose of song reflects past but also present of everyday life.

Hana Frejková - vocals
Slávek Brabec - accordion
Milan Potoček - clarinet
Marianna Borecká - guest vocals