* 1959 Prague

Organ and keyboard player, arranger and composer.

In the 1995 he concerned in the formation of jazz-rock big band Savle Mece. He is in the band up this date as a keyboards player and arranger. Together with the Savle Mece band he is a member of Chicken Soup ( from 1997) and his project DoubleFish (from 2008), with these bands he plays in Prague´s jazz clubs all over the Czech Republic. With these bands he also plays on festivals in Czech Republic and other European countries.

Since 1991 he's been working in Theatre at Dlouhá street as an keyboard and clarinet player. He is also music composer for theater, film and TV productions.

In last few years he worked in his home recording studio. He is recording and working not only on his music projects, but he is producing and mixing music for other projects as well.