Concert Gear

After last change of gear in August 2010 I use Clavia Nord Stage Compact 73, Kurzweil PC3.

I play on Hammond XK-3 organ, the last generation of classical B3 simulation with lower manual to a XK-system.

In the rack I have mixer Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1602 and board with MIDI plugs, diboxes and outputs. As speaker I use rotary horn speaker Motion Sound Pro-3X and myself construction stereo speaker monitor (2x400W). As ampflifier I use QSC PLX2 1104. For the other used components i would like to introduce Roland VK8M, modul Roland Sonic Cell. As a monitor sometimes I use a keyboard amps Kustom KMA100 and Gallien-Krueger MK-200.

Theatrical gear

For my theatrical shows I play on a PETROF acoustic piano, after the flood in 2002 we bought new grand piano P-IIIM and two upright pianos P131-E1 and P125-H2. I´ve chosen all pianos by myself in Petrof manufactory. As an electrical keyboards I use digital stage piano Roland RD-600, my favorite Kurzweil SP76 and synthesizer module Roland XV-5050. In some shows I play on accordion Delicia-Junior, clarinet Amati ACL-615 with Selmer C-120 or Vandoren B-46 mouth-piece and sopran saxophone Selmer - Super Action 80 Series II with Super Session F mouth-piece. I use Vandoren reeds - 2 1/2 – 3 for clarinet and , 2 for saxophone.

For home practicing I prefer to play on Yamaha Electrone E-50.